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  • Do you lend on owner-occupied houses?
    No. We only lend to non-owner-occupied investment properties.
  • Does my credit score affect my ability to borrower?
    We are an asset-based lender and consider every loan on a case by case basis no matter your FICO score
  • Is an appraisal always required to fund a loan?
    A full appraisal is not always required. The appraisal type is based upon the asset whether it be a full, restricted, or desktop appraisal.
  • How are construction draws handled?
    Once a borrower requests a draw a preferred general contractor will be sent to inspect the progress of the renovations within 48 hours and will charge a flat fee per inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the funds for the next rehab draw will be released within 24 hours.
  • Can I cross-collateralize properties to lower my down payment at closing?
    Yes, if you own a property, we will often use that property as collateral to reduce the down payment for your project.
  • Do you lend on commercial properties?
    Yes, we lend on residential and multifamily investment properties as well as commercial properties.
  • Do you lend to foreign investors?
    Yes, based on certain criteria

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