About Us

SL Capital was started in 2019 with a focus on becoming a full-service high touch lender to the investor-owned real estate world, with its dedication towards extreme customer service. SL Capital has the ability to lend to many areas including commercial, land, fix and flip, long term rental, multi-family, portfolio lending, new construction and more. We are not looking to be one of the biggest lenders in the industry, but one of the most efficient.

We want to develop ongoing relationships with professionals who enjoy the products we provide. The leadership at SL Capital has been in the lending industry for over 3 years and in the personal real estate investment field for over 25 years. We understand the process that develops into a great loan. It's not the “Just a few clicks and you’re done!” façade that many players in this industry make it out to be. We believe our complete, hands-on approach to the lending process will keep you coming back to SL Capital.

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